The name "Viure" was taken from the catalan language, spain , which means "To Live".

We do believe that life were not meant to be average, either you're happy or you're not so happy,
and as a normal human being, we always prefer to remember our happy moments, something beautiful and meaningful.

Color, smile, and an expressive body language has played an important role to picture all the happiness.

Wedding Photography is not a regular picture and frame, we always believe that your moment is not only for today or tomorrow, every time you see the picture, you should be able to see your moment, and feel your moment , forever , without an expiry date.

Wedding is about smile of happiness, tears of joy, dreams and hope, we are here to steal just a glimpse of it, and keep it for you to remember for the rest of your life.

And after all, this is yours, not our, we just want to make it happen for you.